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I do not like to define myself with labels because I feel it has the potential to put me in a box. The two exceptions to this rule are the descriptors: writer or poet. These epithets (which I find to be of the same substance) are so all-encompassing in their nature that I feel that by defining myself in such a way, I still have all of the room left in the world to grow and become anything I set out to be.  


C.S. Lewis once said, “You can make anything by writing.” His statement is more literal than most might assume. Writing truly exists on the borders of the supernatural. It is an activity quite literally wrapped up in magic. One does spell words after all, and use them to charm others.

I am no magician, I am simply a writer. Although I shouldn’t say “simply” there, should I? For a writer is one of the greatest things one could set out to be. Even God himself is called the Word, and as such it is the writers who are the ministers to Him. Writers are the intermediary between the higher and lower worlds, between Heaven and Earth. It is they who allow themselves to be a conduit to something beyond our world - call it a muse, call it a guardian angel, or even call it God.  


As Stephen King said, "[A writer’s] job isn’t to find… ideas but to recognize them when they show up.” That is my goal, to communicate with you what is (somehow) communicated with me. No more, no less.

I went from barely graduating high school in 2003 to graduating magna cum laude from an Ivy League university a decade later. This dramatic turn around is evidence of the power of writing - both, the writing of others which I read, loved, analyzed, and obsessed over, as well as my own writing which helped me to make sense of this confusing world and my peculiar place in it. 

Nevertheless, to tell you about myself is an impossible task. Imagine a single lifetime as encompassing every TV series on your favorite streaming network. For me to write down a summary of myself in a few hundred words is like only showing you a fraction of a scene within one particular episode of one particular series, and then expecting you to know what happened on the hundreds of other shows as well. It is just not enough to show you the full breadth and scope of what is actually there. 


We are all the result of every scene in our life - every last memory, thought, and experience. However wise you may think that understanding is, or how eloquent you may find the manner in which I got there, will have to stand in as a substitute for the “character” within myself that I have set out to define for you. 

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